Joshua Croke

Constantly curious.

Community Builder, Special Projects Consultant & Creative Producer


As a creative with a technical mind and strong attention to detail, I work with organizations on projects that strengthen community. My passion lies in designing experiences and sharing stories that enhance people’s lives and connects them to their communities in ways that bring joy, belonging, and success.




Current Projects

Action! by Design, Founder
We are community builders. We help organizations cultivate meaningful connections by letting their community lead the design and implementation of projects that benefit them.
From placemaking and creative festivals & events to community programs and branded campaigns, we take ideas from concept to reality to meet the needs of the communities you serve.

Love Your Labels, President & Cofounder
We are a nonprofit committed to realizing a world where each person can live free and express who they are without fear of shame, stigma, or bias influencing their ability to live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives. The mission: advocate and develop programs for queer youth and others fighting for acceptance and visibility and play an active role in elevating a dialogue around expression, identity, and equality.

Worcester Education Collaborative, Board Member
Our mission is to engage our community in fulfilling its responsibility to ensure that excellence in education is available to all public school students and that they are prepared for success in college, career, and life.



After Shave Burns: A Dialogue on Masculinity
This talk explores conscious and unconscious constructs that “define masculinity” and encourage audience members to take an introspective look at what guides the decisions they make surrounding their behaviors, appearance, and presentation. I discuss how components of identity surrounding gender, presentation, and sexuality have been influenced and suppressed by societal constructs and address the effect of shame, stigma, and bias on individual identity and the development of our youth.



Experience This Podcast
From outer space to public space, from social media to societal labels, Experience This Podcast shares stories about the human experience and how design and technology impact society.

The Bio

Joshua Croke (they/them) is the founder of Action! by Design; a citizen-centered experience design company based in Worcester, MA.  They are also the co-founder and president of nonprofit Love Your Labels that works to advocate and develop programs for people fighting for acceptance and further conversations around inclusion, representation, and equality. Josh is also the host of Experience This Podcast; a show about human experiences and how design and technology impact society.

Across all of his projects, Josh works to deliver impactful and memorable experiences for people; be it through the design of an app or the execution of a city-wide arts initiative. Josh was a founding director of POW! WOW! Worcester in 2016, the largest mural art festival in New England at the time and was awarded a Key to the City of Worcester for his work as a leader on the project. Their client projects have received awards and recognition including Best of Innovation at CES 2017 and Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Award. Josh was named one of Worcester Business Journal's 40 Under 40 and a 30 Under 30 Young Trailblazer by the Boston Spirit for their work as a business owner and in the queer community.

Josh is passionate about how businesses and organizations can elevate the impact their products, programs, and places have on people and planet and working to realize a vision of a world where all people are included, valued, and given opportunities to live healthy and fulfilled lives on a sustainable planet.

You can follow Josh on Twitter @JoshuaCroke, their podcast @XPThisPod, and learn more about his work at


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